Military Appreciation Program

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If you are active duty or retired military member purchasing or selling a home in the San Antonio market, you qualify for our military cash back program and can receive up to $2,000 cash back. If you end up purchasing and selling a home with us you will receive up to $4,000 cash back.

We understand the many challenges a military family undertakes in moving to a new duty station and doing it all in a 10-day window. Please know that we will work diligently to provide a smooth transaction for you and your family as you relocate to the San Antonio area.

Purchase Price Our Cash Rebate USAA's Rebate
$100,000 - $149,999
$800 $650
$150,000 - $249,999
$1,200 $950
$250,000 - $399,999
$1,500 $1,200
$400,000 - And More
$2,000 $1,550

We have several advantages over USAA's Movers Advantage Program and other program types. Perhaps you're not a member of USAA, our Cash Back Rebate Program is open to all Active duty military and retirees. With other programs you get a Realtor that is assigned to you without a say. Programs like USAA's claim they pre-screen the agents which is not 100% true. They outsource their program (for a 35% split of the commission) to a third party who does not “screen” individual Realtors rigorously but rather has a contract with a few local Real Estate company who will then distribute your information to their agents. As a result you have no say or guarantee as to the quality of agent you get to work with you and it is possible for you to get an inexperienced real estate agent. We are fulltime Realtors with an outstanding track record of success! As one of the top real estate brokerages in San Antonio we have the knowledge of the areas, market conditions, local schools, the buying and selling process, and the experience to better negotiate the price and terms of your real estate transactions. Also Our rebate amounts are larger.